Concept of God and Man

CHEWABLE – You have come to earth to prove that you’re a divine being. ________________________

The western mind is agnostic – they profess their “belief” in God but have doubts. They’re skepticism is inherent in their “faith-based” religions. This is substantiated by separation of church and state, a science without God, ungodly judicial system (i.e., capital punishment), etc.

For Westerners, God has a chosen people, God punishes the sinner, we are born into sin, man needs to be saved, your belief in God saves you from your sins, as humas we’re destined to live a life of suffering, God has messengers and intermediaries (Jesus, Mohammad, etc.), God is in the heavens, and we must pray to God for our salvation.

On the other hand, the African concept of God states that we are made in the likeness of God. In Bantu philosophy, for example, they place man in the same category as God – Muntu. This means we have a duty to purge all thoughts and behaviors that do not reflect our divinity. We are patient and kind to others because everyone, whether they know it nor not, is seeking to achieve the same goal in life and we will make mistakes along the way. We make mistakes because man is the only creature that shares with God the freedom to choose. During your time on earth, you must choose to become a divine being and establish proof of God’s existence.


  • Kofi Adebayo

    Kofi Adebayo began his search for truth 40 years ago while majoring in philosophy in college. Even as a child, Kofi realized the world subsists on a web of intricate lies promulgated primarily by "intelligent" political, business, and religious leaders. He began with many years of independent study of African history, culture, and religion. Even after decades of discovery, Kofi believes he has only taken a sip from a wellspring of Black thought and achievement.

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