Ride the Cycles

Everything in the universe is cyclical. Everything functions according to laws, even your spirit. Cycles are laws that govern the universe. Even God must follow Its own laws.

The stock market, the housing market, your money, the aging process, relationships, your health… everything is cyclical! These same laws govern your body – study biocycles! Your life force is subject to cycles. In fact, every living thing is highly receptive to cycles and seasons.

If everything is cyclical, you must learn the laws and cycles that govern your life and your spirit. We don’t have to live by hope and faith because God endowed us with a means of knowing how to be successful and that’s by flowing in sync with cycles.

When you have a strong desire to accomplish something, that act is analogous to sowing a seed. However, you should sow seeds according to the cycles of the seasons within you. Many of us aren’t successful because we don’t sow seeds at the right time.

The energy responsible for the fruition of our goals doesn’t move in a straight line. They wax strong, diminish, and “die” to be reborn each year like vegetation in nature. Flowing with this wave is a major component in guaranteeing our success. Learn how to take advantage of the seasonal cycles to develop your spirit and achieve your goals.


  • Kofi Adebayo

    Kofi Adebayo began his search for truth 40 years ago while majoring in philosophy in college. Even as a child, Kofi realized the world subsists on a web of intricate lies promulgated primarily by "intelligent" political, business, and religious leaders. He began with many years of independent study of African history, culture, and religion. Even after decades of discovery, Kofi believes he has only taken a sip from a wellspring of Black thought and achievement.

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