Let The Ancestors Speak For Themselves

In the Nile Valley, civilization resulted from man’s adaptation to that particular milieu. As declared by the Ancients and by the Egyptians themselves, it originated in Nubia. This is confirmed by our knowledge that the basic elements of Egyptian civilization are neither in Lower Egypt, nor in Asia, nor in Europe, but in Nubia and the heart of Africa; moreover, that is where we find the animals and plants represented in hieroglyphic writing….” __Cheikh Anta Diop, The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality

Our African ancestors of Kemet themselves, testify loudly not only to their physical identity but their Black genius as well. A look at the host of temple and tomb reliefs, paintings, sculpture, etc. provides empirical evidence from their own hands on how they represented themselves. This is enough by itself to put the debate to rest on whether or not Kemet was in fact a Black civilization. Egyptologists and those representing special interest groups do not speak for Kemet. No matter how hard they lie or attempt to offer half-truths they cannot silence what the ancestors themselves have to say on the matter.

A cornerstone of Black culture and spirituality (the very thing responsible for Kemet’s greatness in history to begin with) is the fact that the ancestors can and do speak for themselves! The processes of objective evidence gathering is what we must follow, pass on to future generations and build upon without getting trapped by the Western mind’s approach to both scholarship and education. In the words of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, We must open our eyes and learn to see for ourselves. Their is extreme danger in our continued failure to do otherwise.

Check out these two short videos from KueliMika on YouTube:

The above short clips are part of a larger collection of videos by another truth seeker on YouTube that point to the ancient Egyptians themselves for what they have to say about themselves. I encourage you to go check out the other videos on his channel. He does a great job of providing objective content on the topic without all the other add-ons we get from other sources. Wisdom Faculty supports this kind of content.


  • Xango Hetep

    Xango Hetep is a long time student and initiate of African Spirituality, with a primary focus on Kemetic studies and the scientific role Oracles play in achieving the destiny path. In his unwavering commitment to African liberation, he unapologetically advocates for African-centered education and economic development, beginning with the re-establishment of our divinity building institutions through direct communication with God, as the only real path forward. He was born and raised in the southern part of the United States.

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