Imagine a Better World

As COVID still lingers, the economy is in freefall, and the war in the Ukraine rages on, the world seems to be at a standstill. The political upheavals across the globe are indicative of social disharmony caused by the ignorant occupying positions of control. Whenever there are people in ruling positions who are ignorant of the truth, we will experience a cycle of decline, a reign of confusion and disorder. When there is no wisdom, people tend to act harshly toward one another. 

Spiritually uncultivated people blame their leaders for these adverse situations, but also expect them to put an end to the problems. However, we must take advantage of this time of standstill to work more diligently on improving our lives. This is the work that will be needed for success at the cyclic return where peace and harmony can be re-established. It is then that we must avoid doubting that prosperity and harmony will return, as doubting works against our success. It is helpful to associate with others who share your optimism.              

Dwelling inwardly is the key that unlocks your reservoir of power and potential. You are in complete control of your imagination. You can see yourself being successful, having a loving family, making more money, etc. That’s because your imagination transcends space and time – it’s always in the ever-present. If you visualize positive experiences in your imagination enough times, when the actual situation presents itself, it will happen automatically because you impressed it upon your spirit. That’s magical!

Because your life reflects the images you project onto your mind, your imagination is the temple of God. The mind which is where your images are housed must be kept sacred. Instead, we’re constantly envisioning ourselves as fearful, angry, grieving, and worrying over the things we believe we’re not worthy to receive.

Enjoyment is power. Whenever you find yourself sad, worrying, afraid, grieving, etc., you’re not empowered. These negative emotions are diagnostic measures to let you know that you need to re-program your spirit with the correct thoughts and images. The correct images must be empowered by your joy. That’s because whenever you enjoy something, you want to keep doing it.

Because every action is guided by a vision, you can use your visionary faculty to improve your life. Countless clinical studies have been done on people visualizing themselves as healing which improved their health. But it’s just not simply your imagination, it’s also the strong belief, the conviction that you will be healed. It’s not enough to say, “I’m healed.” You must be convinced.

Freedom dwells within your imagination. If you want a beach body, for example, you must exercise consistently, so you set time aside to go to the gym, lift weights, walk/run, etc. Likewise, you must set time aside to nurture your mind daily with healthy doses of the proper mental images. 

The caveat is that you can’t imagine whatever you want and expect it to materialize. If you visualize something without a proper foundation, then it is a fantasy. The foundation of your imagination must be based on truth and destiny, not merely what you personally want for yourself. You need a spiritual teacher to guide you in establishing the correct thoughts and images.

The enjoyment of a peaceful response to a challenging situation is the highest use of the imagination. The degree to which you have established your divinity is the degree to which you can create your life. God has already blessed you with the ability to create a better life for yourself and others, so let’s work together and use the talents and skills that no man can take from us.


  • Kofi Adebayo

    Kofi Adebayo began his search for truth 40 years ago while majoring in philosophy in college. Even as a child, Kofi realized the world subsists on a web of intricate lies promulgated primarily by "intelligent" political, business, and religious leaders. He began with many years of independent study of African history, culture, and religion. Even after decades of discovery, Kofi believes he has only taken a sip from a wellspring of Black thought and achievement.