Call To Action

Make no mistake about it — is a Call To Action.

1. We want readers to divorce themselves from Western culture and adopt an African-centered approach to thinking and living.

2. We want readers to study African history and culture.

3. We want readers to seek truth and speak truth.

4. We want readers to be inspired to unapologetically deploy their creative genius in the service of that truth.

5. We want readers to understand the effects of systemic racism and White supremacy and seek to eradicate it on every level.

6. We want readers to spend and invest their money wisely.

7. We want readers to use social media to post only what is true and/or positive and uplifting for Black people.

8. We want readers to practice being more loving, understanding, and forgiving of others.

9. We want readers to reclaim good health and vitality through proper diet, meditation, and regular exercise. It’s In Our Legacy!

10. We want readers to recognize that We are ONE family, no matter where we are in the world, and that we are fully capable of solving our own problems.

The content we share is meant to stir the spirit into action. We fully understand that enlightenment, in all of its diverse manifestations, possesses a common denominator — to know truth you must live it. There’s no other way.

You have the God-given ability to bring forth the Power With Us.